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About Mas Africa

About Mas Africa

Africa's Number 1 for Carnivals

Mas Africa is a global development agency for the promotion of Carnival Arts. Mas Africa sees Carnival’s genre as the Mas, its creative crucible as the Mas Camp & its performance platforms as the public realm & indoor curated spaces.

Our Mission

• Become an agency for quality, innovation & excellence in the arts.
• Provide leadership & learning for practitioners & artists.
• Curate staged & processional exemplars of Carnival Arts worldwide.
• Promote the cultural & historical synergies between Africa & the Caribbean.

Our Core Values

• Financial Stability
• Shared Vision
• Professionalism


They are one of the best entertainment group in whole of Africa. Kudos!!!

Brittany Rivera Entrepreneur


Even in my busy schedule I get to enjoy their events. All their events are fun packed. I feel more like myself when I join their events.

Ryan Martinez Doctor


I am always on the go for fun across the globe. I love Nottin Hill Carnival especially when am in the UK.

Virginia Carr Web Designer